Snow Moon

I began to see this “Snow Moon” rise last night. It peeked at me from behind bare tree branches.  The weatherman said, it was called a snow moon and that the North side of this moon would be slightly shadowed by the earth at 6:45 p.m.(the last photo shows this slight eclipse).

Out the door I ran. camera in hand and snapped photos for 45 minutes.  It was quiet, peaceful, and to me (the over-zealous photographer) I was like a kid in a candy store. I do hope your enjoy my attempts to capture this wonderful full moon.

I could not pull my husband away from his nightly news.  Ah – some folks never see the masterpieces God paints in the sky or the wonders of nature.

Below is the small eclipse of the moon’s north side which the weatherman mentioned.





38 thoughts on “Snow Moon

  1. It was very unusual – not like the super moons we had a few months ago. I found the light almost erie! There was also supposed to be a comet sighting just before dawn. You pictures are fascinating!

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  2. I am so pleased Peggy that you SEE those masterpieces in the sky that God paints my friend.. So so beautiful.. And when ever I tried to take a photo of the Moon with my small digital camera it looks like a spec.. 🙂 in the sky.. Fantastic shots xxx ❤

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      1. Yes maybe one day funds will run to such a treasure 🙂 although I know they are not as expensive as they were.. My little camera fits into my pocket.. it has a little zoom lens upon it.. Its a Sony Cyber-shot.. with optical zoom 4x28mm Wide angel lens.. Means absolutely nothing to me.. but it no doubt will to you.. lol. 🙂 as I read it now from it as I took a picture of painting today with it I had done.. 🙂 lol..
        Your camera shots are always superb.. xxx

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  3. Lovely photos! 😍 They remind me of, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.” (Psalm 19:1) Great job capturing His handywork! 🙂

    You’re kidding! I took photos of the moon after 7 PM on the 11th, just because it was so bright and beautiful. I don’t watch the news (too depressing) so I had no idea there was a Snow Moon that night! I must have just missed it. Thanks for posting the photos of it; that is really awesome!

    Haha, I have the same problem as Sue. When I try to take a photo of the moon, I get a speck, and if it’s not a speck, it’s an all washed out white glowing blob. 😂 The photo itself came out okay but the moon had no detail.

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      1. Oh, I see. Wow, that’s a powerful zoom! Mine is a PhotoSmart (made by Hewlett Packard; my dad bought it new for my mom back in 1999. 😂) and has a 1:2.4 – 4.0 5.2mm – 16.5mm Pentax lens. (Whatever that means.) It may be a 3x zoom? So no wonder it didn’t work. 😂 I hope to get a camera this year with a better zoom. 42x zoom must be amazing to work with! 😊

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      2. Normally the type you have is a 3x zoom. I seldom take macro shots up close. I get better shots standing 30 or 50 feet away and zooming in. I have had this camera 2 years and I took the first year learning how to use it. Photography is my favorite hobby anymore.

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      3. Oh, okay, good to know. 🙂 That is so awesome that you can zoom in that close from so far away! I wondered how you could get so close to those wild birds in your other posts without scaring them away!
        I admire your patience. 😂 And your perseverance certainly paid off!
        It has become one of my favorite hobbies as well. 🙂

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      4. Oh, that’s wonderful! 😀 I saw your post with photos of cardinals; I’ll have to take a look through your archives to see what others you have captured; I see a “birds” category… 😊

        I have a bird feeder that I plan to fill so I can try this. (Though obviously they won’t be as close-up as yours. 😂)

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