One Sunset, Many Variations

I actually got a half hour of exercise – running circles on our 3 acres – to catch the changes in the sunset last night.  I also gave my husband many laughs over my exciting antics.  Just like a kid in a candy store, I was thrilled over the display in the sky.

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.  Victor Hugo







27 thoughts on “One Sunset, Many Variations

    1. I think if someone made a video of me chasing the sunset it would me funny. Tried to get through the hedge once – I was in such a hurry I fell right through it. Lol Just can’t let a sunrise or sunset go by without 20 or 30 pictures of it. Ha

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    1. I live in Arkansas. Home of Bill and Hillary Clinton – that is why I did not wish to vote for Hillary for president. I knew all the awful things they both have done. And which state do you reside in, if I may ask.

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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        Oh…even worse. I live in California. We are more liberal than I can stomach at times! There is talk of a petition to go around calling for Ca. to secede from the USA…(because of Trump and his policies). Of course it will probably never happen, but it goes to show you how liberal a state it is!


      2. I have been all over California. Lived in Redding and San Diego when I was younger. I know how liberal California is . I doubt that California can secede from the U.S. This is quite a world we live in Steve – makes a person wonder how much longer God will put up with the nonsense of mankind.

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      3. Light Ministry Blog

        I am reminded many times of Genesis 6 when God said every thought of man was only to do evil and how He was sad that He had even made man on earth! That was just before the flood…

        Of course God has promised not to destroy man by flood again. But, yes, one has to wonder how much it will take until the Lord says “no more!”

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  1. Love that image you painted of you running around Peggy and I can see why.. such wonderful skies.. Love the one with the branch at the top the last one.. 🙂 Have a Wonderful weekend and Hope there is more Candy.. 🙂

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      1. Haha.. Yes thank goodness for the digital age of cameras and the Simcards lol.. Beats those old roll of films which were so expensive to process, to then find you had a blurred shot.. 🙂 Happy Snapping!! weekend to you xxx

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