Let’s Become Better People


I wish I were a great literary writer.  A person who could sway men from hate; with words of compassion and love.  The events surrounding the recent U.S. Presidential Election have grieved my soul.  There has been enough malicious hate and hostility over this election.

Mankind needs to sit quietly, read God’s word, and ask themselves how God would deal with a situation like this.  Love one another.  Love is the fatherly concern of God for humankind.  Romans 12:21 – Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

No matter how a person paraphrases their message of love – Evil people turn a deaf ear. It seems impossible to sway the hateful from their course.  Yet, we must let our light shine for good in this world.

I am tired of hate, destructive demonstrations, and cruel words.  God is the ruler of this universe and he shall prevail against the workers of iniquity.

At least give the new U.S. President – Donald J. Trump – a chance.  Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves.  Did you ever think that God might have a reason for the outcome of this election?

Just as you till the soil in your garden each Spring – a renewing of the earth – let’s have a renewing of Faith in our God.


12 thoughts on “Let’s Become Better People

    1. Truly am tired of the negativity and hate. For the first time in decades I did not vote. Agonized over my decision. I could not violate my conscience – I felt neither of them was a good choice. But, I am willing to give the winner a chance.

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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        You and I share the same opinion, Peggy! The difference is that I voted for the Independent candidate although I knew I was wasting my vote…

        I hate all of the protesters, half of which don’t even know much about the cause they are standing up for! Give Trump a chance and see what he will do. I’ll be the first to call for his “ouster” if he is ineffective!!

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  1. Bravo and Amen Peggy! I am with you….I think I will quietly pray and let the rest in God’s hands. I cannot change the world but I can work on how I react and how I speak and I can show love and compassion even when someone does not seem to deserve it. God did and does that for me….the least I can do is pass that on.

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  2. We’ve got to stay vigilant and not let hatred take control. Biased news and untruths do not belong in our free world. Yes, God is in control and let’s just keep praying! And, I love the last picture with the sunset and the furrowed ground – so peaceful to see that earth waiting to be planted.

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  3. So well said.. and who says you are not a great writer.. Those who write from the heart speak from their soul.. And you touched mine.. That is what great writers do.. And I say Amen to all you have written.. ❤ xxx

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