Trumpeter Swans

I was thrilled when someone told me the Trumpeter Swans had finally migrated to the South and were in our state. There is a small private lake 30 miles North of us where about 200 swans call home for the winter.  My husband and I drove up there to see them this morning.  We fed them corn and I took about 100 photos.  Yes, overkill on my part. Lol         I hope you enjoy a few of my photos of these beautiful, noisy swans.  Those with dark heads are juveniles.




There are a lot of Coots here also as the following photo shows.




Some of the birds were asleep with their heads laying on their backs.




26 thoughts on “Trumpeter Swans

  1. PaperPuff

    Swans look so funny when they are sleeping like that, don’t they? You have great knowledge of your local wildlife – I always learn something by visiting here! Super photos, as always!

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    1. Pretty close to you – in Arkansas. These swans usually do not migrate this far South, but in 1991 a few of them migrated to this lake for the winter. Now their youngsters come here and there are at least 200 or more of them. They are here from December to March. They are gorgeous, use to people and love the corn that visitors throw to them.

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