A Glorious Sunday

Sunday, January 8 started out very cold at 14 degrees.  The high for the day was 30 degrees.  Despite all of that – this Lord’s day was a glorious day.  The sunrise was spectacular; the sermon at church was inspiring; the day was full of beautiful scenes in nature.  Then the sunset was lovely to behold.




The cardinal above was being blown around by the wind.  The busy little Titmouse was hard to capture; they never stand still very long.


The apple tree was constantly full of cardinals and other birds.


We passed by these apartments on the way to church.  I thought the snow left on each roof made an unusual looking scene.


Finally the day came to a close with this nice sunset.  Wow, what a glorious , peaceful day.




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  1. Great post and beautiful photos, as always. Sounds like you had an inspiring Sunday. Our worship was cancelled because of roads and single digit temps but I managed to spend much time in personal devotional study as well as a much needed day inside looking out. Enjoyed this post! Thank you! 😃

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