Winter Has Arrived


These photos need no explanation, they make you feel cold and that speaks – WINTER! It was a glorious 14 degrees here this morning and will be below freezing all day.  Oh, BRRR


I know these are rabbit tracks – I watched this rabbit as he hopped by.



Here are a couple of fluffed up, cold birds.  A Sparrow eating corn and  a Brown Thrush in the apple tree.







My husband is making sure his shop is nice and warm so he can go out there and play.



21 thoughts on “Winter Has Arrived

  1. Even we are having winter for a few days. Twenty degrees this morning, but will be in the upper 70’s late in the week. We have constant variety in South Texas! Lovely pictures especially the little fluffy birds!

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  2. Winter has indeed started Peggy.. And it looks cold.. The weather has turned across Europe at the moment too.. causing deaths in the low temp’ to homeless people.. We are set for a change to colder at the end of the week..
    Stay warm and snug.. Love and Hugs.. Sue x

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