Birds Of A Feather

I have been watching the birds a lot lately.  The yard was full of Meadowlarks and Robins this week.  They will always let you know there is a weather change coming – they seem to be smarter than the weatherman. Ha

The little sparrows are such cute little birds.  They are on the carport when it rains.  This little guy is sitting on the shelf where I put my flower pots in the Summer.


This same little sparrow sat on the roof of the truck, above the windshield, sunning himself for awhile.


There were at least 50 meadowlarks digging through the leaves in the yard, checking for bugs to eat.  Their brilliant yellow chest is so beautiful.



The Robins have been here for weeks – hundreds of them.  I have never seen them stay so long before they migrate South.  This Robin had his feathers fluffed up to stay warm.


The grackles here in the yard checking the leaves out for bugs also.


We have 50 or 60 cardinals that stay with us year round.  They love eating some of our berries every year.



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