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Christmas songs from Europe were sung in America for decades in the early 1800s.  In 1849 American composers began to write new Christmas songs in English.  The first Christmas carol was written in America by a minister, Edward H. Sears – “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.”

James Lord Pierpont wrote a song in 1857 called – “One Horse Open Sleigh.”  The name for this song today is “Jingle Bells”.  When Pierpont wrote this song he originally intended it to be a Thanksgiving song.

In 1863 a minister named John Henry Hopkins wrote the song – “We Three Kings Of Orient Are.”  A lot of the songs written for Christmas were used in church hymnals.

From 1800 to 1850 –  Presbyterians, Baptists, Quakers and other Protestants continued to regard December 25th as a day without religious significance, a day of normal business. During Reformation and up until 1850, Christmas was not celebrated, because partying and merry making was seen as unchristian.

In 1821 a book called, “The Children’s Friend” was written.  This was the first book written about Santa Claus.  It pictured Mr. Claus as a jolly old man from the North, who rode in a flying sleigh, pulled by one reindeer. (Apparently he gained weight over the years and needed to add more reindeer to pull his sleigh – Mrs. Claus must be a very good cook)

In 1823 a poem was written called – “A Visit From Saint Nicholas”.  The name of this poem was later changed to – “The Night Before Christmas.”

The bottom line:  There are conflicting stories everywhere about why Christmas is celebrated on December 25.  For many years, in numerous areas of the world, Christmas was celebrated on January 6. Today in America Christmas Day is truly a mix of religious celebration and commercial interests.


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      1. Vicki

        us too.. we had a pre-lit tree and last year we donated it and all the ornaments to a thrift store and we keep gifts very minimal.. I remember enjoying Christmas when my children were little but now we keep it very low-key.

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      2. I am not decorating for Christmas anymore. We have our Christmas at our Daughter’s house and she decorates. Do not do much shopping. Give the kids money and let them get what they want. Guess we are getting too old Vicki. LOL

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      3. Vicki

        we started giving money a couple of years ago.. plus I add a little gift besides. It is hard for me to give money to my almost 13 year old granddaughter because I used to love shopping for her but she is very hard to buy for now so this year I am doing the same for her plus a small gift. I don’t miss all the running around shopping for everyone. It’s easier as you say to let them get what they want.

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  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Interesting report! I am guided by the simple fact that celebrating Christmas as the birthday of our Savior is not mentioned anywhere in the word of God. We are told to remember His death, (Communion), but nowhere are we told to celebrate His birth on Christmas day.

    It is far more important that we believe that He was born into this world and died for our sins. That we can remember and celebrate everyday of the year…


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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        I agree with you, Peggy. Stores “play” on the general themes of giving and love for your fellow man, and spin that into buying loads of stuff for the unfortunate. Worse, they mix in poor kids who won’t have anything on Christmas if we don’t get them something. And don’t forget the homeless…

        Where is all of this “concern” during the other days of the year? There’s some of it out there, but not like it is at Christmas!

        We need to practice charity all of the days of the year, as Christ would have it. But the “worldly” people aren’t moved by true love for their fellow man. We’re lucky if they are moved to make a loving gesture during the holiday season…

        Oh well, sorry for going on about it all! I don’t want to sound like I’m judging…but it does.

        Thanks for the reply!


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