Christmas History

According to history . . . Before 1850 many U.S. citizens did not dream of Christmas at all.

The Civil War intensified the appeal of having Christmas. Citizens wanted a sentimental celebration of family.  Peace and goodwill spoke to the prayers of Americans; especially soldiers who were fighting in the Civil War. Northern victory of this war in 1865 helped Christmas grow in popularity.


The Christmas Tree was a German tradition, brought to America by German immigrants.  The year of 1850 there were large sales of Christmas Trees in America.  The first tree decorations were: nuts, strings of popcorn or beads, oranges, lemons, candies, and home made trinkets.  By 1870 imported ornaments from Germany were sold on street corners.

The first Christmas Cards were printed by R.H. Pease who was a printer and a variety store owner in Albany, New York.  He sold and distributed the first American made Christmas Cards in the early 1850s.

Christmas gift giving blossomed in the 1870s and 1880s.  Harper’s Magazine 1856 wrote – “Love is the moral of Christmas . . . What are gifts, but the proof and signs of love!”

Christmas officially became a federal holiday December 25, 1870.  MERRY CHRISTMAS

I took these photos January 2016.  Thought I would add a little color to this post with a male and female Cardinal.




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  1. Vicki

    that was very interesting, I did not know any of this.. I do remember strings of popcorn on the tree when I was a child. Thank you for the photos of the Cardinals, my favorite bird.

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    1. We use to string popcorn for our trees. There is a lot more interesting Christmas history facts I did not include. I try not to make my posts too long – a lot of people will not read long posts.

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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        The bible does not tell us exactly in what season of the year Christ was born. Some have speculated that it wasn’t in the winter of the year as there were flocks of sheep grazing in the fields when the news of His birth was announced.

        It would have been too cold for sheep to graze at that time of the year. But we do know that Jesus was born and later died on the cross for our sins. We also know He was raised up three days later.

        This is the gospel of Christ which we believe in and join in when we are baptized into His body, (1 Cor. 15:1-4, Rom.6:3-5).

        Have a super day, Peggy
        Steve 🙂

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      2. No one knows when Christ was born. I read articles where some said March and some said September. I knew the sheep were not grazing in the fields in December. Do not think God or Christ
        want us to celebrate his birth. The important thing is he died for us. Researched many articles on Christmas – which could totally confuse anyone.

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      3. Light Ministry Blog

        You are right on all you say here. Especially true is the fact that the bible doesn’t say to celebrate His birth, we are told to remember His death, which we do in communion each Sunday.


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