Nature’s Small Joys

This post started with this photo I snapped, about an hour ago, of this Juvenile Downy Woodpecker.  I capture a lot of birds on my apple tree, just outside my kitchen window.He certainly does blend in with the color of the limbs.


We had been dry here for over 2 months when we got 2/10ths of an inch of rain a few days ago.  I was amazed how well my camera captured this down pour.


The rain brought out the color on a few trees in our area.  The Fall colors have not been real good this year.


The caster beans that reseed themselves every year always have beautiful red seed pods.


Always love the blue birds.  We have an abundance of these birds year round.


This is one of our everyday garden  spiders.  They will not bother anyone – they just hang around and capture bugs. I know a lot of you ladies do not like the spider pictures.


Moths are always somewhat drab in color, yet they are still beautiful.


21 thoughts on “Nature’s Small Joys

      1. Vicki

        a few years ago western bluebirds were brought back to nest in a Garry Oak reserve not far from where we live. Apparently they are returning each Spring but I have never seen them. I remember seeing a Mountain Bluebird in Yellowstone and it was so beautiful..

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      2. Hope you see one of those bluebirds in your area someday. We have one roadrunner we see around here occasionally. A transplant from Arizona. I never thought he would last, but apparently birds can be put into unnatural environments and survive. Just saw this roadrunner in the neighbors pasture 3 days ago.

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  1. Great photos … all of them!! What type of camera do you use? I may be getting a new one soon since my little Nikon is wearing out & the smartphone just doesn’t do well (especially distance shots).

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  2. evaason

    These are some really good pictures, nature is beautiful isn’t it? I can’t get enough of it at times, and the autumn colors right now are stunning. We have gail winds at the moment and rain.

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  3. Love all those photos….well, perhaps not the spider one as much. That one did bring back memories of picking tomatoes as a kid and running into them. I know they are very good for bug catching.
    I am definitely going to have to grow castor beans next year. They are beautiful.

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    1. We planted caster beans one year and for the next 10 years they reseeded themselves. The beans inside the red pod are beautiful. But, I must warn you that caster beans are poisonous if eaten. This plants grow about 8 feet tall.

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  4. Such fabulous photo’s Peggy and it appears after all your rain storms we have had them blow over here too in Storm Angus which caused wide spread flooding.. We had a bit of nightmare collecting our granddaughter from school to take her home through flooded roads.. But we got there safe and sound.. Some didn’t and engines cut out xxx

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