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I sat and watched the news on television this morning.  A sadness engulfed my heart.  The riots, vandalism, and hatred done by protesters is absolutely terrible.  As adults – these people are setting horrible examples for our children.  Yes, this hatred is spilling over into our schools and hurting our children.  When  I ventured on the internet this morning I saw that same hatred on Face book.

The Bible tells us – God is love.  Since the Bible also says we are made in God’s image – We should be filled with Love.  I know God is looking down on this world and he is very displeased with the hatred of mankind.  God tells us to love our neighbor.  The hate in this world must stop.  Hate destroys the good in this world and in our lives.

It does not matter how much you dislike the fact that Donald Trump will become our 45th president – He was elected and he will be our next president.  No, I did not vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton.  I will not degrade either of these people and cause more hate in this world or let hate enter my heart and mind.  I will pray for God to help America become a better nation.  Before I condemn him – I choose to give Donald Trump a chance to lead this county.  Put your hate aside and unite America.  May God Bless America. ♥

9 thoughts on “What Matters – Love

  1. Vicki

    I’d like to know why these protests are not being shut down.. but God is in control, and His will be done. It’s time for Christians to trust and not be angry or fearful.

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  2. Light Ministry Blog

    I am entirely with you on every point of this post, Peggy! I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Clinton or Trump, but I want to give Mr. Trump a chance and see what he will do. I believe God has allowed him to be elected…for what reason I don’t know. But God is in control and His will be done no matter what!

    Good job here…

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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        I am really “up in the air” as to how he will do, or what he will do. But he does have a number of other more experienced people around him, as well as, congress which I am sure will keep him on track to some degree…

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