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Over the last few months I have taken several photos that do not fit into a category.  So, I thought I would just share some of them with you.  This first photo looks like a row of hearts; a branch from the grapevine, hanging in mid-air.


I was driving through town and saw this in front of the Pit B-B-Q restaurant.  I guess they must be saying that their food is as hot as a pistol.  Quite a pistol.


A few months back when we actually had some rain – the raindrops collected on this curl from the squash vine.  The reflection in the raindrops make me think of a pair of eyes.


The buzzards are seen out in full force twice a year.  The adults actually take the younger buzzards out for flying lessons.  You may be able to tell that some of these birds are smaller juvenile buzzards.


The honeysuckle blooms in the Spring and the Fall.  You can capture butterflies getting this wonderful nectar.



A sunset can be beautiful even without a cloud in the sky.


I take a lot of pictures of grass and weeds.  Yellow flowers in the background can highlight the beauty of the grass and its seeds.


Fall is always hay season.  The farmers do not leave hay in the field very long after it is baled.


Of course I cannot post without at least one nice sunset.


Last, but not least – a buzzard coming in for a landing in our back field.



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  1. Peggy, these are such beautuful photos and of course, I absolutely love the sun and raindrops pics! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been busy lately and it’s been a while since I’ve went out to take some nature photos. You’ve inspired me to make time this weekend! Thank you!😃

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      1. Maybe you could do a post around Nature and peace and love and reshare that photo.. Nature gets pretty dramatic at times too.. but she does so for a reason, and will always come back to balance..
        Think on the events of the Election as a wake up call.. For Change.. Showing us that our systems in the political arena’s are on both sides of the pond in need of change.. Our own votes causing massive arguments ..
        Sometimes shake ups need to happen so they Listen to who puts them in office in the first place.. Governments have long forgotten they are in office to serve the people.. Their greed often serves their needs first..
        We as family unit need to work together.. you have to pull together and get along.. To make a nation work is the same thing.. We have to start to work together and agree to disagree on points but remember the ultimate goal is one where we unite to create a better future for all of us.. if WE the people can not do that.. How on earth do we expect Nation against Nation to get along if we War among ourselves?

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      2. Great comments Sue. Yes, we the individuals must get along, before countries get along. I say – Give President-Elect Donald Trump a chance. The rioters intend to continue their unkind acts and demonstrate for weeks. The rest of us have chosen to settle in and strive for peace.

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