Pumpkins & Trees


There have been a couple of interesting and unusual stories in the U.S. news this last week. Much more interesting  than the upcoming election.

Thieves stole $2,000 (200 pumpkins) from a New Jersey farm.  Four men made 3 trips in a minivan and stole these pumpkins.  The farmer has offered a $1,000 reward.  Following this photo is a surveillance camera photo, which shows the thieves.



How awful to do this to a hard working farmer and his family.

This next story is quite funny.  A man dressed as a tree in Portland, Maine and was blocking traffic on the road.  He was arrested by the police.  His friend told the police he was just trying to study traffic patterns.  I think he could have done that without becoming a tree.


In this next picture he finally took the top of the tree off his head.  A silly young man appears.




7 thoughts on “Pumpkins & Trees

  1. I feel sorry for the farmer and the pumpkins being stolen. And yes what a silly young man. We harvested our butternut squash not the best year for them.. but we got a few.. I scooped out a pumpkin this afternoon with our granddaughter it now sits in the garage waiting the Big Night. 🙂

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  2. Vicki

    I wonder what they were going to do with the pumpkins? hope something good but somehow I doubt it. The tree man is quite funny, he is lucky he didn’t get hit.

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