Four Legged Friends

I got in the mood to take a drive and photograph 4 legged critters (animals)  It all started as I sat in the truck at the post office;  waiting for my husband to collect the mail.  The parking lot was empty except for a couple of unused mail trucks.  These 2 cats were playing with each other, running around like they were having a great time.

This horse has a prettier yard to roam around in than I do.  Such a beautiful horse.


I have never seen a bull as beautifully colored as this bull.  He would not cooperate so I could get a better picture.  He just glistened in the sunlight.


This little calf is licking his lips, he must think I have a treat for him.


You can find a donkey in just about every field where there are cows, they are good protectors against coyotes bothering young calves.


If I needed a horse to become someone’s knight in shining armor, I would borrow this horse.  He is a real beauty.


This little squirrel was scurrying across the road to beat the traffic.  He is safe now.


These cows are grazing and enjoying this beautiful day.


This calf is having lunch, while mom waits patiently.


Time for this cow and calf to take a mid-day siesta.  If I would go away.


Hey lady, what are you looking at.  Did I say you could take my picture?


14 thoughts on “Four Legged Friends

      1. PaperPuff

        Amazing! I think here they are seen as such docile animals that this comes as a big surprise. Then again, we don’t have much of the predatory wildlife left really.

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  1. Vicki

    love these photos. I have never seen a bull the color of the one you photographed, and the white horse is especially beautiful. thanks for posting these photos.

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  2. Such good photo’s Peggy.. and that Bull wonderful shades.. Loved the donkeys and the squirrel in full run too.. The cats of course I loved looked to be very Street Wise 🙂 And adored the Horses..
    Hope your week is going well Peggy.. Sending Lots of love your way x

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