Midnight Dream


I have been having a lot of dreams lately.  I forget most of my dreams shortly after I wake up.  Since most of my dreams seem stupid (and I remember they are) I am glad I forget them.  I had a dream a few nights ago and I remembered this dream, because it upset me very much.

DREAM:  There was a somewhat elderly lady (in her 60s).  She was very disagreeable and very mean.  She lied throughout my entire dream.  She constantly did evil acts to everyone during this very long dream.  She followed me everywhere I ventured in the dream.  She accused me of being the person performing all of the despicable acts that were transpiring; although she was the perpetrator of these awful acts.  Others were believing her lies about me.  She was very convincing.  I constantly tied to tell everyone that she was the person who was stealing and lying.  No one would believe what I was saying about this woman.  I kept remembering she stole a set of dishes from someone.  She said, that I stole these dishes; a place setting for 7.  Who ever heard of an uneven set of dishes.  Dishes are always sold in even sets of 4, 6, 8, etc.  I decided I needed to leave and get away from this woman; before I was arrested for theft.  I woke up and was very relieved it was only a dream.

Who was this dishonorable lady you ask?  Why, it was Democrat Hillary Clinton.  Yes, I knew who she was through my entire dream.  I was surprised I could remember this dream so vividly.

I realized the explanation for this dream.  The upcoming U. S. Presidential Election in November.  I dislike the 2 presidential candidates: Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.  I will not vote for either of these candidates and I do not wish either to win.  I do not want anyone to blame me for voting for either of these unsavory people.  They have both done many appalling things in the past and will probably do the same in the future.  I hope I do not follow this dream about Hillary Clinton, with a nightmare about Donald Trump.  These 2 unscrupulous candidates are an embarrassment to the American people.

I have chosen to either vote for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or write in the name Ben Carson (a Republican who was eliminated early in the race for a presidential nominee).  Ben Carson was doing well with his campaign, until Hillary Clinton sabotaged his campaign.


7 thoughts on “Midnight Dream

  1. Vicki

    wow! I will tell you a secret.. one of the reasons I wrote the Smile post yesterday was because of her constant grin.. if I were an American I would not know what to do in this election. In Canada it was a foregone conclusion that Justin Trudeau would be voted in but in the US it is still up in the air. It is a good thing that our Lord knows what is going to happen and he will carry us through no matter what the outcome is.

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    1. We have some ladies at church who smile all the time. They have been heard saying they feel they have to smile constantly. I keep telling everyone if Clinton or Trump win, I am moving to Canada. LOL Is tempting.


      1. Vicki

        That is very sad that anyone feels they have to smile constantly, but I saw that at the church we attended where we lived before, and in the church we used to attend here. On the other hand, it is a very disturbing thing to see a woman who smiles all the time say vicious and cruel things and I have also seen this. I want to see sincere smiles or no smiles.

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      2. We have a lady that smiles, hugs you, then begins to say cruel things about others who are not in the area. I do not like that at all. I hate gossip and slanderous words about others. People are so different from each other.

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  2. It is a discouraging choice to make. I just keep reminding myself and everyone else that we are electing many officials in this election and how important it is to make well informed choices about these positions.

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