I took a ride to the lake the other day.  To relax and think about the political scene in America.  I have tried everything to decide, who to vote for in this upcoming U.S. presidential election in November.  Trump needs a piece of tape over his mouth.  If he becomes president we will surely be headed for World War III;  after he insults some world leader from another country.  Hillary Clinton has secrets that are horrible.  I have read many stories of the things her and hubby Bill have been doing for decades.  Not nice. So, I have chosen NOT TO VOTE FOR EITHER OF THESE CANDIDATES.  I am going to choose to vote for JOHNSON from the Libertarian party.  Of course he will not win. They never put much on the news about the Libertarian or Green parties. But, no one is going to say I contributed to the chaos of voting for Clinton or Trump.  Neither of these two are worthy of the office of President!


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  1. PaperPuff

    You never know what will happen, if enough other voters are fed up with the main candidates or the policies. Look at what happened in Britain with the Brexit vote. It took the majority of people by surprise!

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  2. selah

    It’s a tough choice, I’m Canadian but I have never in all my years seen anything like what is going on this year in America. if you don’t mind I like this bible verse that sort of sums it up: Daniel 4:17 “….. the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will and sets over it the lowliest of men”

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  3. It’s a mess for sure. But there are other elected positions in this election. We need to be informed about these candidates and make good choices when we vote for them. Many important decisions will be decided by the men and women elected to the Senate and House as well as local offices.

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  4. Light Ministry Blog

    I joined you in voting for Johnson as well, and pretty much for the same reasons. It was as close as I could come to “voting my conscience.” Lots of good that did, huh!


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