Fall is Near

I can never wait for the Fall season.  I love the colors, cooler weather, and the end of garden season.  Mums are some of my favorite flowers.





12 thoughts on “Fall is Near

  1. Such beautiful colours Peggy, Chrysanthemums are lovely I have some on my front garden they are still in very small tight buds yet.. 🙂 October will soon be here too 🙂 I started today to stock up for trick and treats 🙂 I buy a little each week.. 🙂 xxx
    Love and Hugs and enjoy the rest of your week xx

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      1. It appears the UK has to follow 🙂 suit .. At one time it was unheard of . But the shops are now full of Halloween costumes for children and all the tack that goes with it.. 😉 Where ever $ and £ signs can be made! 😉

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