September’s Beauty

We have had some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets this month.  Everyone is enjoying the cooler weather – including the neighbor’s cows.






This cow belongs to our neighbor on the West side of our property.  I think she wants to know why I am taking her picture.





This cow belongs to our neighbor on the North side of our property.  She headed for the barn when the rainstorm caused a downpour a few hours later.


This rain coming at us last night looked almost like a tornado.  Some people lost their power over this storm, but we were fortunate to be on the edge of this downpour.


11 thoughts on “September’s Beauty

  1. Wow, spectacular photo’s Peggy.. And I have always found cows to be very curious creatures.. 🙂
    Love those views of the sky and that was one heavy down pour.. We are still awaiting the cooler weather here Peggy. Very unusual for us to have it this hot this late.. And it broke a record of being so hot in since 1911 here in the UK.
    We have paid with some heavy thunder storms one this morning, but we are fortunate as some places in the UK have had flash flooding which have flooded properties and closed roads..

    Lovely to see, Enjoy the rest of September my friend ..
    Hugs Sue

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    1. My daughter lives 7 miles from us. The worse part of the storm hit her area. Caused tree damage, filled the ditches with water in 10 minutes, and caused a power outage. Sounds like your warm weather is very unusual. We cooled down here about 2 weeks ago. Have a nice September Sue. Hugs to you too.

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