Well, it has been a busy garden year.  I am glad it is coming to an end.  Need a rest.  The last thing in the garden is the Okra and it never seems to quit producing.  Here are some pictures of my husband’s over abundance of Okra plants.

This is a photo of the Okra plants in early August, they were about 5 feet tall.


These Okra blooms are beautiful.


My kitchen table is covered with Okra every other day.  We have supplied friends and family with plenty of Okra to cook and enjoy eating.


The bottom leaves on the Okra are falling off.  This is September and the Okra is taller.  My husband is 6 foot tall and he has to reach to pick okra now.  I hate to handle okra, it makes my hands itch so badly.  Love it rolled in cornmeal and fried.


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  1. wow Peggy this plant it totally new to me, I had not the foggiest of ideas what okra was and had to look it up to see how one prepared it and about the nutrient benefits of eating.. These look amazing plants and a huge crop..
    Funny how you say these leaves make you itch. Many plants in the garden also irritate my skin, the Runner Bean family is one that when picking the beans the leaves make me come out in a rash where the leaves touch my skin..
    Great photos 🙂 And its lovely to learn about something new 😉
    And yes I can fully appreciate what you are saying about the end of harvest season.. We spend more time in the garden and kitchen don’t we.. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your week ..
    Hugs Sue ❤

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    1. I did not know what Okra was until I married my husband several decades ago – The old Southern boy. My mother-in-law taught me to how to cook okra. Yes, several garden plants can make your skin itch. Hugs to you too, Sue.

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