Rain, Rabbits, Flowers

We had a 2 inch rain the other day in only one hour.  This little, wet rabbit came sneaking out of the tall grass.  He began to groom himself (nice bath).  I have added a couple of photos of flowers, in one of my favorite colors – Lavender.  A common everyday thistle and a couple of Mexican Petunia blooms. Nature, is my favorite place to view true beauty and a calm place to soothe my soul.

“In a world filled with doubt step into a garden to know Divine intervention exists,”    – Mary Maude Daniels



8 thoughts on “Rain, Rabbits, Flowers

  1. Awww how delightful are these photo’s Peggy.. Wet but still alert. 🙂 Love your pictures.. And yes the rain here too when it drops drops.. We have some storm clouds over head right now.. But its been fine all day..:-)

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  2. This is great! We have a little rabbit that comes to our front yard every morning when I am on the porch having my tea. It is so much fun to watch him clean and then he flops on his side and rests like it was so much work.

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