Our Beautiful World

When God produces a beautiful sunrise, I wander around the yard, in the quiet of the morning, until I capture each change in the sunrise.  Here are several sunrises from this week.


” I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful, an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”  Ansel Adams




9 thoughts on “Our Beautiful World

      1. Yes, I have been up early all of this week before the heat set in and we have been busy first thing carrying gallons of water to water the crops.. The afternoons spent time freezing and preparing the veggies and fruit etc.. And I have been too tired to turn on the PC some nights… 🙂 I have been tuning out the world and tuning into Nature more and more Peggy.. xxx

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      2. So good to catch you Peggy.. 🙂 and just about to call it an afternoon here in blog land in my catch up mode.. I will be tuning in tomorrow .. Right now sleep is calling me for a nap.. and I am starting to follow this calling.. My body knows best.. 😉 Love to you and don’t forget to follow some of that advice for your good self also 😉 haha… Take care.. ❤

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