The Rabbits Are Multiplying

At the moment we do not have any cats or dogs as pets.  My husband has found he enjoys letting the wild rabbits, squirrels, and other creatures run everywhere on our 3 acres.


Just as I began to snap the following photo, one rabbit decided to take a big leap.  Motion.


This mother flycatcher was sitting on a wire above 2 of her youngster she was feeding.


Daddy bluebird has stopped to rest a moment before he feeds this bug to his baby birds.


Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits everywhere.



7 thoughts on “The Rabbits Are Multiplying

  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Beautiful pics! I took one for a post today and gave your blog credit. I didn’t think you’d mind…

    Have a wonderful day,


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    1. Steve, you’d be amazed how enjoyable photography is – get you a camera and go photograph the great outdoors. You begin to see things you never noticed before. So enjoyable. These digital cameras are great.

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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        I got a new camera for just that purpose a couple of years ago. I may “dust it off” and try again to see if there’s an interest there…

        Have a great day!

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