Living A Great Life


Laugh your heart out. . . . Dance in the rain. . . . Cherish the memories. . . . Ignore the pain. . . .  Love and learn. . . . Forget and forgive. . . .Because remember you. . . . Have only one life to live. 


13 thoughts on “Living A Great Life

  1. Beautiful Peggy.. 🙂 You too have a wonderful blog and pleased to meet you, You will find I comment using my main blog logo link at Dreamwalkers, the reason being if I comment using my second blog I do not get it fed back in my notifications panel so miss replies,, A lesson learned. 🙂
    Loved the above my friend

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      1. Like wise Peggy, Many now are following my Garden blog who have garden blogs but seldom do they comment. I started my garden blog as I am running out of space on my main blog with all the photo uploads , This way splitting them is helping.. Now all I need are 4 pair of hands to keep up LOL 🙂 xx

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