Visitors to My Yard

I love watching the different birds and animals that visit my yard,  These are just a few I have captured in my camera lens this week. The bird below is the Towhee, this is the first time I have seen this bird in our area.


The following bird is the Blue Grosbeak, they spend summers in this area. He is sitting on the new growth at the top of my 60 foot pine tree.


I placed a coffee can under the carport roof to see if any bird would use it to nest.  Well this little male bluebird and his girlfriend decided to raise babies in this makeshift bird box


This lizard and I crossed paths on the carport many times.  He would run away before I could photograph him.  Finally I managed to get a head shot as he was resting in the sun by the walkway.


Finally some young buzzards came by for a visit in the back field.  You can tell they are young because they do not have the red color on their heads yet


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