Berry Picking Time

Well we love, the strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, but it takes hours and weeks and lots of work to pick everything.  Even with family and friends helping it is quite a chore.  My husband grows enough to feed an army. Ha

This was the first picking where I threw everything together.  My husband picked a gallon of blackberries this day.


The raspberries often do not make it to the house, I eat them!

2016-05-27 20.46.52

This is a deep dish blackberry cobbler I fixed for my husband. I prefer the blueberry cobblers.


We have one hive of bees and they are doing well at pollinating and producing honey.

2016-05-27 20.40.41



5 thoughts on “Berry Picking Time

  1. Years ago we had a fun outing picking dewberries with my sister at her husband’s family farm. They were so delicious cooked up in a cobbler, but we neglected to wear gloves and the tiny thorns tormented our fingers for a week!

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  2. We are just now in our berry picking time.. I picked 4 pounds of raspberries the other day and have loads of Strawberries in the kitchen right now waiting to be washed. I Love that you have a Bee Hive.. I so admire anyone who keeps Bees.. They are such precious little workers for this Earth.
    I have not made a cobbler before have you a recipe? 🙂 I freeze and make jams etc..But love eating berries for breakfast 🙂
    And you have a wonderful selection, our Blackberries do not ripen until Sept time.

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      1. Thank you so much, and I have saved the page and will be trying this recipe out and let you know how it turned out.. This weekend though I have a mountain of strawberries, So it was a flan tonight, And will be strawberries and icecream tomorrow when I have my Granddaughter for tea xxx

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