If you grow Orange Milkweed or Elephant Garlic in your yard you have great opportunities to capture wonderful photos of some of our pollinators.

2016-05-29 00.27.16

This is a photo of the large Carpenter Bee.  Below is the Bumble with the larger Carpenter Bee.

2016-05-30 01.55.42


2016-05-30 01.31.16

I have forgotten the name of this butterfly, but he is quite beautiful, and has to get in on some of this good nectar. The Potter Wasp below is enjoying this garlic bloom.

2016-05-29 20.14.04

And of course we cannot forget the Honeybee who loves just about any blooming plant.

2016-05-27 20.53.50

8 thoughts on “Pollinators

  1. So beautiful and so delicate! Lovely details in the pictures. My ex kept honey bees for a while. He had one hive in the city and the others spread through the surrounding countryside. The fresh honey was so good, but it was such a mess. The little bees are really harmless unless they feel threatened.

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  2. Wow! I love these! 😍 Great photos! That Carpenter Bee is huge compared to the Bumble Bee; I love how you have three different kinds of bees here so they can be compared. 🙂 The butterfly is beautiful. I had one of that kind land on my arm last summer. 🙂 I’m seriously considering getting some Orange Milkweed and Elephant Garlic now. I’d love to attract more of these little guys. 😊

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    1. The orange milkweed makes it so easy to photograph bees. At times I back way off, zoom in and capture these bees – often easier. Macro shots seem harder to capture. The Carpenter Bee is big, but he does not try to hurt you at all.

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      1. That’s great! 😀 Oh, that does sound easier. Haha, I usually macro everything; I may give that a try next time I come across insects or arachnids. 😊 Oh, that’s good! I hope to see a Carpenter Bee this year then! 🙂

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