Fighting For A Cause

We recently celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  He fought for the equality of all people.  My intent here is not to take away from this great man’s achievements.  I simply wish to articulate on others who also fought in the turbulent 1960s for numerous causes throughout the world.

Through their music – Peter, Paul and Mary fought for social, political and humanitarian causes.  Their music helped people achieve peace and sanity during the emotional years of the 1960s.  The world was in upheaval with marches, demonstrations, and the Vietnam War.

Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers became a group in 1961 at the dawn of John F. Kennedy’s Presidency.  The trio’s songs told tales of freedom, resisting wars and inhumane situations.  Peter, Paul and Mary marched on Washington with Martin Luther King in 1963.  They sang their famous 1962 song “If I Had A  Hammer” at this rally – supporting the struggle for racial equality.

Following is a statement by Theodore Bikel:  “Listening to Peter, Paul and Mary is not just a memory trip recalling a part that was vibrant with folk music and activisom both intertwined.  It evokes far more than a ride in a car-car, more than the ringing tones of the bell of justice, the bell of freedom.  Regardless of their chronological ages – and I know what they are, I was there when the group was formed – Peter, Paul and Mary had managed – still manage – to keep themselves part of this nation’s youth. More important, they keep their audiences perennially young.”

The song “Blowin In The Wind” from 1963 was preformed at the March on Washington and also at: civil rights marches, anti-war marches and demonstrations.  Their song in 1966 “The Cruel War” was a commitment to anti-war and Vietnam.

Marian Wright Edelman said:  “Peter, Paul and Mary’s music is timeless because their message – and commitment to the belief that music can and should have a message – is timeless.  They have been colleagues and friends in the long  struggle for social justice and have always shared a vision of the better world possible for our children, and their songs have given us some of our clearest pictures of that world and all it’s promise.”

Following is a statement by Barry Alfonso:  “Empathy through self-discovery is the thread that connect Peter, Paul, and Mary’s recordings from their debut through the present day.  In turn the trio’s songs have become deeply woven into the fabric of the world’s cultural memory, part of the lives of countless people for over four decades.  These songs continue to inspire, amuse, comfort, provoke, educate.”

Mary Travis is not with us anymore, but she will not be forgotten.  Mary was diagnosed with leukemia in 2004. After a long battle of 5 years – on September 16, 2009 she died at the age of 72 of complications from chemo.

In the same year as Mary’s death (2009) the trio of Peter, Paul and Mary was inducted into the “Hit Parade Hall of Fame”.  Still active and occasionally still preforming – Peter is now 81 years old and Paul is 82.


So far the year 2020 has felt like Spring in Arkansas.  This generally happens here in February.  Someone needs to tell my Maple trees that it is Winter.  I think they will find this out themselves next week – according to the weatherman.

IMG_3925 (2)

A Warm January Day

I sat on a park bench near the edge of the woods. The January day was warm and peaceful. My eyes wandered to the beautiful moss beneath a nearby tree.  Suddenly the clouds parted and rays of sunlight filtered through the tree branches – painting a scene of sparkling green. Nature is so inspiring to me. My thoughts drifted to the words Jesus spoke in . . .

Matthew 5:16   “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

searcy park 2 (2)

Predictions for 2020

I must admit when I looked up past predictions for 2020 – I found some that made me laugh.

In 1966 Arthur C. Clark who co-wrote the screenplay for 2001: “Space Odyssey”- believed that in 2020 houses would be able to fly and relocate anywhere in the world.  Without any help from you – your house could fly South for the winter – while you were asleep.


In 1900 John Elfreth Watkins Jr. -Ladies Home Journal – believed that C, X. and Q could be deleted from the alphabet.  They were unnecessary letters.  We would begin to spell by sound and use condensed words.  2020 – “Me happy, good, hi!”

1966 – Time Magazine – Mail would be delivered by rockets in 2020.

1950 – In 2020 Women would all be built like wrestlers. (I am too old to try this!)

1939 – Antenna hats and disposable socks for everyone in 2020.

1911 – Everything will be made of steel in 2020 – including baby cradles.

1913 – Everyone will be vegetarians in 2020.  (Not Me!)

1997 – Humans will arrive on Mars.  (Not Me – I have motion sickness!)

1966 – Time Magazine – No one works in 2020 and we will all be rich.  Total robot work force. (Yes!!!)

1994 – Rand Corp. – Animal employees in 2020.  That shoots the prediction above. Train Apes as chauffeurs to drive us around, garden for us, and to be housekeepers.  (Gotta see this!)

1950 – Robot Therapists? (Only as smart as the person who programmed them!)

I predict that we will all get a good laugh about the predictions from the past. May your year of 2020 be happy and productive.



Dear Santa


Santa Claus is not my favorite part of Christmas, but what younger children say in their letters to Santa is quite funny.

horizontal designs (3)

Dear Santa – Can Mrs. Santa come instead of you?  I’m very sorry, but I am scared of you.

How old are you Santa?  Very old – a thousand? Maybe 50?

You better bring my pony this year or there will be consequences.

Santa – Please destroy all “Back Street Boys” CDs.

Santa –  Please, please change my name to Batman.  And I need a Batman costume.

I want a gumball machine filled with avocados.

Santa – Have you ever been convicted of breaking and entering?

Are you bald under that cap or do  you still have a full head of hair?

Santa – are you really Jolly all the time?

Are your favorite cookies the round ones?

Why is a Christmas Tree that is chopped down called a live tree?

Dear Santa – Text my Dad – he has the whole list of what I want.

Santa – Could you let me see you this year?  I want to know if you are real or not.

horizontal designs (3)


Is That Me?

I went to renew my driver’s license.  It’s not my fault that no one can recognize me by this photo on my new driver’s license.  The clerk said sit, do not smile, look at the lens here and then a bright light produced a click (this is a clerk you do not argue with) .  She never  told me the wind had made a mess of my hair (but no one can tell).  It took 5 minutes of noise and whining by the machine to spit out my (perfect) new driver’s license.  I had paid my fee – so I took what the clerk handed me.  Anyone can use my new license for an ID – cause it doesn’t look like me. The limerick below is perfect – it describes me to a T!

blurry driver license

(My driver’s license is not quite as blurry as this, you can read all the words and numbers.)

Limerick by Anthony Euwer

For beauty I am not a star,

There are others more handsome by far;

But my face I don’t mind it,

For I am behind it.

It’s the people in front that I jar.

Responses Of The Heart

hearts (2)

Be content and delight in life – Do what makes one’s heart feel good.

Do not nurse your troubles – Do not eat your heart out.

Be calmed and at peace – Set your heart at rest.

Do not grieve too long – Never let life break your heart.

Evaluate yourself with deep honesty – From the bottom of your heart.

Hit reverse when things go wrong – Have a change of heart.

Respond to the things you cherish – Take them to heart.

If you feel compassion – You wear your heart on your sleeve.

What you need and desire – You can always set your heart on.

If you are kind – You will be known to have a heart.

Love others with – All your heart.

If you love another – You may lose your heart.

If you help others – You are a person after one’s own heart.

Your heart’s responses will show – You truly lived by heart.