Finding Peace

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What this world needs is more PEACE!  Early in the morning, after a rain, when a lot of mankind is still asleep – I find peace in my yard, with my camera – soaking up nature’s quiet beauty.  I love spider webs covered in rain drops.  Intricate webs created by spiders that many people fear and detest.  Yet, if you venture out on an early, wet morning – these webs come alive with a look of gleaming pearls.

“Don’t let people pull you into their storms.  Pull them into your peace.”

My brother was a person who was either on top of the world or down in a deep pit of despair.  He is gone now, but not forgotten.  I loved him very much and I miss him. Yet, I often told him when he tried to drag me down to an unhappy place – “Stay in that hole of misery you have created, but don’t expect me to join you.”

Our esteemed past president Ronald Reagan said – “Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

My husband is constantly watching the news – which is something I try not to do.  So, I venture out into God’s beautiful world and soak up nature’s quiet peace. Try sitting silently in your garden and let peace enfold you in its arms.  Ah – sheer bliss.

“Peace is its own reward.”  Mahatma Gandhi




Pesky Raccoons

Take a look at this sweet little face, but don’t let it fool you.  This is a major garden pest.

racoon -

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These creatures destroy most of our garden melons every year.  This is what they did to the watermelon patch the last two nights.  They ruined at least 25 melons.

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Let me tell you some facts I learned about raccoons.  No matter what you try to do to stop them; nothing really works.  Fencing. electric fencing. cages over melons, devices that make noises, liquids you rub or spray on melons, a pet dog (which they gang up on and can hurt quite badly), live traps (which they are good at escaping from).

Raccoons are mean, mean, mean, and in some areas carry rabies.  Handle melons they have eaten holes in with rubber gloves. Don’t corner them – they will fight back.

I read some interesting stories from folks who tried to control these pests.  One man hired his neighbor and his coon dog to eliminate raccoons from his garden.  He paid his neighbor $10 a head.  The neighbor and his dog eliminated 50 coons from the area in one night.  Never fear – raccoons from other areas will just move in.

One gentleman had raccoons living under his house and in his attic.  He had to hire someone to remove them.

A couple had coons that came to their deck and beat on their windows everyday.  The coons wanted to be fed dog or cat food.  The couple refused to feed them, but it took them a long time to get the coons to go elsewhere.

So good luck if you are able to delete the raccoons from your garden.  I am sure our numerous cantaloupe patch will receive visitors in the near future.  My husband tried sitting outside to watch for them last night, but after awhile he gave up.  You never know the hour they will strike.

Treasure – Metal Detector

I promised my fellow blogger “Following Him Beside Still Waters” a post about using our metal detector.  Did not venture to any old homestead – just our own yard.  Yet, the worthless things we found were fun to dig up and were treasure to us.

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We have had several Whites metal detectors over several decades of searching for treasure.

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My husband is much better with the metal detector than I am.  Of course he was always telling me to do the digging when he discovered something underground. Ha

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Now – Don’t laugh over our 2 hour venture to find this wonderful treasure you see posted here.  I hear you laughing.  We did find 44 cents.

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We did a lot of treasure hunting when we lived in Arizona – found the following at an old trading post in the desert years ago.  Found one of the first large pennies made, but was too lazy to search and find where I put it.



Storms Roared Through

Well, it has been a bad year for gardening and growing flowers – due to storm after storm. I planted several types of sunflowers for the birds and butterflies this year.  The storm Barry that roared through New Orleans and headed straight through Arkansas caused flooding and wind damage.  The red sunflowers, which turned out to be every color – all went down in the wind last night.  Discouragement is not worth my time – I just think – Oh well, a few sunflowers are nothing compared to those who lost their homes or their business.

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Fading Dreams

When I was a teenager I had dreams of what I wanted to be. Dreams of where I wanted to go.  But . . . Life got in the way!

I was watching an old rerun of the show “Kotter” from the late 1980s.

The song from that show keeps drifting through my mind.

“Welcome Back – Your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back to the same old place that you laughed about.

Well the names have all changed since you hung around,

But those dreams have remained and they’ve turned around.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!”

john-travolta #2

Do you think the character Vinnie (what a head of hair)  – alias John Travolta – had dreams that changed in the last few decades?

I have no regrets of the life I lived.  Yet, dreams of roads untraveled still plague my thoughts; after all these years.  Despite unfulfilled dreams my life has been quite fulfilling – thus far.  How about your dreams?  Is there time to fulfill some of those dreams from your youth?

The two unfulfilled dreams of careers, that I regret not pursuing, sound so corny now.    They are total opposites of each other and the secret of what they are will remain hidden.  (Don’t worry – they are not bad – just silly)


When Sorrow Comes

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When Sorrow Comes

by Peggy Joan

She stood on the sandy beach looking toward the far horizon. A storm was brewing and would soon reach the area where she stood.  She could see the huge waves build and crash in upon themselves.  In her heart a storm raged.  This very ocean had taken the life of her husband.

She fell to her knees on the sand and wept.  Her husband’s boat had capsized and been lost in a storm.  He was gone forever.  She would never see his face again and that thought overwhelmed her.

She had once loved this great body of water, but now she felt only anger for what it had taken from her.  How could she go on without Peter.  Did she even wish to face life anymore? When she first lost Peter she blamed God.  How could God destroy her life like this.  Yet, in her heart she knew God had not taken Peter’s life; it had been a terrible accident.

She had come to the beach this day to ask God to forgiver her for blaming Him.  The tears silently slid down her face as the wind whipped her hair and strands touched her wet cheeks.  It has been six months now since Peter had disappeared.  Months of devastating pain and sorrow had nearly destroyed her will to live.

She began to earnestly pray for God’s help and guidance.  She knew God was there beside her and would help her weather the storm in her soul.  She did not know how long she knelt on the sand and prayed.  Finally, she stood and lifted her hand to wipe the tears from her face.

She glanced toward the horizon once more.  Then, she turned and slowly walked away.  She knew God was walking beside her giving her strength to face the future.  Her faith in God would help her leave the storm behind.